About the Author

20120801-215925.jpgTeacher by Day, Novelist by Night, GH Scorpio fan 24/7

A native Ohioan, Cathryn has always had a passion for drama and the arts. She is a lover of languages, a Toastmaster, and a former dance instructor with a brown belt in Kenpo karate and a not-so-secret obsession with General Hospital.

She is a fan of show tunes, classic soaps, and all things Disney and Julie Andrews. A mom and teacher by day, she spends a good portion of her nights grading papers, helping with homework, and reading bed-time stories, but generally reserves the hours of between 10 pm and midnight for writing.

Cathryn is a graduate of the University of Toledo and holds a Bachelors of Education and a Masters of Arts in Spanish. She now resides in Columbus, OH with her husband and two beautiful children and teaches 7th and 8th grade Spanish.

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