Always in Love with Lily

In this sequel to Once in Love with Lily, Thompson takes readers on another incredible journey that is both suspenseful and heart-wrenching.


Is there ever a good reason to keep a secret from someone you love?

Lily is recently divorced and has been reunited with Tony, the love of her life. Life should be perfect, but happily ever after is never quite that simple.

While Lily is concerned with rebuilding her career, Tony is worried about her continued professional connection with her ex-husband and the effect it may have on their future.  Little do they know that there are far bigger forces at work with the potential to destroy their chance at happiness.

As this poignant tale of love and deception unfolds, Lily and Tony are forced to examine their commitment to each other. They must consider the importance of trust and communication in their relationship and come to terms with the reality of a world that has been turned upside down.

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