Once in Love with Lily

Fans of Emily Giffin will love Once in Love with Lily, the fresh, romantic dramedy from Cathryn K.Thompson.

Lily cover

If you could recapture the past, would it be worth risking the future?

Lillian Josephson is a choreographer living in L.A. with her long time husband, movie mogul C.S. George. She has settled into a comfortable, predictable, and fabulously wealthy lifestyle. But Lillian’s carefully maintained equilibrium is upset when a desperate call from her brother lands her back on Broadway and brings her face to face with Tony, the one man she never expected to see again. Will this chance meeting unravel Lillian and the cloak of stability she pulls so tightly around her? Does Tony hold only the keys to the past, or is he the gatekeeper to a passionate future?

This captivating story will take readers on a journey filled with humor, romance, and betrayal. A delicious debut novel!

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