When on a quest….

Last spring I embarqued on a quest… to look good.  I joined Weight Watchers and enjoyed moderate success.  I lost eighteen pounds in the first twelve weeks.  The summer barbeques, brunches, and parties have not really fit in well with the idea of the quest, so I’ve come up with five simple rules to follow.  I think Lily would agree with them too.

1.  If it says “extra crispy” it’s bound to be extra fattening.

2.  If it comes in a bucket, the portion is too large.

3.  Food is not meant to be served by the “Truckload”.  Don’t order the Truckload of Tots no matter how appetizing tater tots with bacon, cheese, ranch dressing and bannana peppers might sound.

4.  If you’ve ever wondered where saurkraut balls or anything else fits in on the Weight Watchers spectrum…. chances are people on WW were not meant to eat it.

5.  If you can’t find the item on the Dotti’s Food Score Ap, it’s probably worth more Points Plus than anyone is meant to eat in a day.  Just say no!

These seem like fairly obvious points.  Still, I thought it couldn’t hurt to share them.  Lord knows I’ve been tempted to break every one of them at least once this summer.  Thanks to boot camp with Fit by Jill, I’ve managed to keep the bulge at bay, but the quest continues!

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